Jeju 4∙3 Peace Foundation’s A to Z guidebook covers Jeju 4∙3 from its influences to its effects

“One day, this gravestone will be inscribed with the true name of Jeju 4∙3 and be erected.” (From “The Tunnel of History – Prologue”)

Baekbi (a purposefully uninscribed gravestone), lying silently in the dark, naturally connects to the history of Jeju 4∙3, which had to remain untold of for decades. The history of the 70-year-old tragedy now extends to the realm of a book, beyond the limited scope of an exhibition site, further publicizing the value of peace.

The Jeju 4∙3 Peace Foundation has recently published the “Permanent Exhibitions Guidebook,” introducing the entire Jeju 4∙3 Peace Memorial Hall in a catalogue.

The exhibits of the Jeju 4∙3 Peace Memorial Hall encompass almost everything about Jeju 4∙3, including its background and progression as well as the process of discovering the truth of Jeju 4∙3. Particularly, the artworks installed in several spots not only complement the limited data of Jeju 4∙3, but also vividly express that past with every artistic touch.

“The Permanent Exhibitions Guidebook” contains 328 pages that detail all of the exhibitions in the Jeju 4∙3 Peace Memorial Hall. The book also features diverse historic documents that fully support the readers’ understanding of Jeju 4∙3. Furthermore, the commentaries and captions are provided in both Korean and English, for the purpose of helping not only Koreans but English speakers learn about Jeju 4∙3.

Readers with a keen interest in Jeju 4∙3 will be deeply moved by the photographs of Jeju residents gunned down and their families sobbing, remains of the deceased finally revealed and the crowds calling for Jeju 4∙3 to finally be investigated and its truth known.

Yang Jo Hoon, chairperson of the Jeju 4∙3 Peace Foundation, wrote in the publisher’s message: “This exhibition guide has been published with all of the available resources of the memorial hall to mark the 10th anniversary of its opening. Certainly, it will be a precious guide to help those interested to understand Jeju 4∙3.”

The Permanent Exhibitions Guidebook is available at the Museum Café of the Jeju 4∙3 Peace Memorial Hall. The retail price is 30,000 won.