Pope Francis message

From the Vatican, 26 March 2018.

A message on behalf of Pope Francis was sent to the Most Reverend Hyginus Kim Hee-joong to mark the 70th anniversary of the Jeju 4·3 Uprising and Massacre. Cardinal Pietro Parolin, the Vatican's secretary of state, sent the message from the Vatican to the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea in February 2018. Photo courtesy Apostolic Nunciature in Korea

The papal nuncio Alfred Xuereb

Alfred Xuereb, the apostolic nuncio to South Korea, attends a memorial service at the Jeju 4·3 Peace Park alongside Bishop Kang Woo-il on July 29, 2018.

O Lord my God!

You are the Father of all of us.

You love each one of your children immensely.

You have certainly cried over the horrendous massacre committed here in Jeju.

You have certainly cried when you saw so many of your children being killed and slaughtered with inhuman violence.

You have certainly cried in seeing children, young people, adults and even pregnant women being massacred without mercy.

Let Your tears fall upon us to soothe our pain.

Let Your tears wet our hearts so that we can find solace.

Let Your tears bedew our minds so that we can find strength to forgive.

Instill in us the courage to love all your children.

Pour Your tears upon those who are in search of forgiveness and grant them the grace of conversion.

O Lord my God, forgive us and save us. Amen.

Signore mio Dio!

Tu sei Padre di tutti noi.

Tu ami immensamente ognuno dei tuoi figli.

Avrai certamente pianto davanti all’orrendo massacro compiuto qui a Jeju.

Avrai certamente pianto nel vedere tanti dei tuoi figli venire uccisi e trucidati con violenza disumana.

Avrai certamente pianto nel vedere bambini, giovani, adulti e persino donne incinte ad essere massacrati senza pietà.

Fai scendere su di noi le tue lacrime per lenire il nostro dolore.

Bagna con le tue lacrime i nostri cuori affinché troviamo conforto.

Irrora con le tue lacrime la nostra mente affinché possiamo trovare la forza di perdonare.

Infondi in noi il coraggio di amare tutti i tuoi figli.

Versa le tue lacrime su quanti sono in cerca di perdono e concedi loro la grazia della conversione.

Signore mio Dio perdonaci e salvaci. Amen.