A poster for the opening exhibition of the Baramkoji art group in 1988. Photo courtesy Park Kyong-hoon



A local arts group and the 4.3 Art Festival stay true to the spirit of the people’s art movement


In the late 1980s, a group of fine artists described the then-taboo Jeju 4·3 in their paintings. Their efforts resulted in the launch of the fine arts group, Baramkoji, and its inaugural exhibition in 1988. In 1993, Baramkoji was reorganized as the Tamna Artist Association, ushering in a historical and realism-based perspective with regard to the portraits of Jeju 4·3. Later, it was restructured into the Fine Arts Subcommittee of the Jeju branch of the Korean People’s Artist Federation, and since then it has led the people’s art movement on Jeju.

The legacy of Baramkoji was inherited and advanced by the annual 4·3 Art Festival, a major fine arts event representing the Tamna Artist Association, which is regularly held under the theme of Jeju 4·3. Many renowned artists who are members of the association have led the festival, including Kang Yo-bae, Kang Tae-bong, Ko Gil-cheon, Ko Min-seok, Ko Hyuk-jin, Kim Dong-su, Kim Su-beom, Park Kyong-hoon, Park So-yeon, Bu Yang-sik, Song Maeng-seok, Yang Mi-gyeong, Oh Yoon-seon, Oh Seok-hoon, Yi Won-woo, Jeong Yong-seong, Jeong Yoon-gwang, Heo Soon-bo, Kang Moon-seok, Ko Won-jong, Kim Yeong-hoon, Kim Hyeon-don, Song Joon-woo, Yang Gi-hoon, Yang Cheon-woo and Hyun Gyeong-hwa.

Installation artwork by Baramkoji member Park Kyong-hoon. Photo courtesy Park Kyong-hoon