Jeju 4·3 by Numbers




The number of victims estimated by the Jeju April 3rd Incident Committee


The number of the dead

About the Jeju 4·3 Peace Park

Jeju 4·3 Peace Park

was created to pass down the historical lesson learned from the Jeju 4·3 to the coming generations by paying tribute to the victims and promoting reconciliation and mutual growth, as well as laying a cornerstone of the grounds for peace, human rights and education.

  1. Area: 395.380m² (About approx. 4,256ft2)
  2. C reation: Preparation between 2000 ~ 2001 (basic plan established and location secured) construction between 2002 ~ 2016 (1st to 3rd stage construction)
  3. F acilities: Memorial Tablets Enshrinement Room, Memorial Service Altar, Ashes Enshrinement Hall, Tombstone Park for the Missing, Name-Listed Headstone Monument for the Deceased, Jeju 4·3 Peace Memorial Hall, Jeju 4·3 Peace Education Center, Forest of Peace.

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01/18/2022 NewsRoom

Revised Jeju 4·3 Special Act passed at the National Assembly plenary session, taking one step closer to the resolution of Jeju 4·3

Voted on Nov. 9…new clause designating 90 million won per victim included Revision collectively welcomed…

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10/05/2021 NewsRoom

Revised Jeju 4·3 Special Act now effective, but with what improvements?

Heo Ho-joon Senior correspondent with The Hankyoreh   Greater role of Jeju 4·3 Working Committee…

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07/07/2021 NewsRoom

Truth Revealed to the World after 73 Years

News Focus Truth Revealed to the World after 73 Years Arranged by Jeju 4·3 Peace…

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